Caviar Kaspia


Founded in Paris in 1927 by Arcady Fixon, an emigrant from Russia, Caviar Kaspia remains today a family company, and has kept its soul to perpetuate the “Culture of Caviar” and old Russian traditions in France. 

Traditionally a regal staple for Russian royals and the elite, caviar immediately became one of the favorite prestigious dishes for important dinners and events when introduced in France — and this house in particular has become a culinary landmark here; popular with luxury foodies who have a taste for the exotic (and expensive), as well as for the fashion set and celebrities such as Beyonce and Jay-Z. 

Now world-famous for offering top quality seafood and remaining forever faithful to its philosophy with a reputation for excellence in the selection of its products and service to its customers, Caviar Kaspia even recently opened doors to a dedicated London spot in April 2019, following the success of a pop-up restaurant at chic Mayfair club Loulou’s on November 2017.

However, for those of you living in or travelling to the City of Light, a visit to the original Caviar Kaspia — which has been located on the Place de la Madeleine since 1953 — is a must. 

Here, you’ll find not only an exquisite restaurant, but also private rooms and a seafood boutique, serving up the best caviar and seafood in Paris in opulent surroundings. 

Over time, this place has also created a dedicated seafood-lovers community — a close-knit group of real gourmands, aficionados who can spend hours discussing sorts of caviar and their voyages to different corners of the world looking for the perfect seafood tastes — although it still welcomes newbies in search of something refined for their palate from time-to-time.


Renowned for its exceptional range of caviars and smoked fish, the house also offers a various assortment of the finest and rarest food and beverages — which make for a memorable journey for the senses, punctuated by several delicacies with international intrigue — and has become lauded for its signature caviar-topped baked potato in particular.

Always in style, Caviar Kaspia has also kept up with the times and regularly collaborates with fashion designers, artists and influencers, including a range of co-branded products with the likes Giambattista Valli, Monsieur André, Olympia Le-Tan, By Kilian, Bureau Betak or Carine Roitfeld and Nicolas Ouchenir.

That said — it should be noted that this place is always crowded during Fashion Week and for all big Parisian events catering to the trendy and upper-echelon, so make sure to plan your first visit in advance if you’re not part of the afore-mentioned caviar club yet.

Perfect for: A business meeting with a seafood lover.  A refined and top-notch venue — taking someone to Caviar Kaspia conveys respect and good taste, with both style and a sophisticated subtlety. 

 What to order: Caviar! Of course. 

Address: 17, place de la Madeleine 75008 Paris (Google Maps)

Trading hours: Monday - Saturday: 10am-12am 


Insta: @caviarkaspia