Taking an avant-garde approach to creativity, in an ever-changing world.


The Ink Collective is a full-service content and communications agency established to cater to an existing market niche for innovative and customisable creative services, available remotely around the world. 

Dually based in both Paris and Sydney — supported by a hand-picked, international network of talented freelancers — we offer flexible, reliable, and high-end branding and content solutions on a global scale, with project management, quality control and deliverables managed end-to-end by our agency. 

The result is a supremely bespoke service, unencumbered by traditional boundaries — enabling your business to go beyond borders in every sense, via one trusted company.



Why work with us?

Equipped with the winning combination of a comprehensive suite of services, extensive experience in niche sectors, and an expansive, curated international network, our agency has the unique ability to offer tailored, seamless and reliable ad-hoc support for creative projects of all sizes, across international timezones and territories. 

Our competitive edge in the market stems from four key cornerstones, which are the foundations of our business. 



Our boutique approach means we work closely with clients to find the right fit for your specific needs and budget, whether the project be ad hoc, short or long term. We also work across international timezones which means we can ensure 24/7 support, no matter where you are in the world.


Every freelancer in our international network has been hand-picked for his/her niche speciality and high standard of work, and vetted by the company. Each project is also supervised and managed by The Ink Collective from start to finish, ensuring consistency and expert quality control across the board.


Founded by two Millennials with specific experience in the luxury, fashion and lifestyle sectors, we are particularly in touch with the current demands of the next generation of target consumers, and therefore are able to offer creative solutions that truly connect, inspire and activate the demographic. 


Our global network of skilled creative professionals provides a unique point of difference, allowing us to merge international perspectives and sensibilities with local insights on the ground, to deliver tailored solutions that tap into international markets and truly engage target audiences. 


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