Long live Fridays. For those who want to shake it up with something a little different this weekend, check out this tiny hotspot — tucked discreetly up above a (real) laundromat on Boulanger Street, near République in Paris’ hipster 10eme district.

Hidden behind what appear to be working washing machines and dryers, and disguised as a washer (straight opposite the entrance you’ll find a secret door — open it, climb up into the narrow wooden staircase, and enter a funky world where fun, cocktails and an electric ambience awaits. 

It’s small, cosy and super trendy — so here you’ll find fashionista types, mixed with sassy locals, and a few well-heeled (and informed) expats and foreigners flitting (and flirting) around in this ultra-modern, fluorescent-lit space.

In one corner there are two pretty swings where those who are first-in-first-served settle to sip their drinks, people watch and sway to the sound of eclectic beats which pound around the walls.

Technically it’s a speakeasy but it’s bright, vibrant and well-appointed with a few stools sprinkled around the bar, Brillo poufs, and colourful, pop-art style ottomans to lounge on if you can’t stake your claim on a swing, and a nice array of cocktails to choose from, dubbed with names like Drunk in Love (fruit puree, maras and coriander) and Healthy Mary Detox (vodka and a Laphroaig - smoked whiskey in the peat and algae), plus natural wines or beers like the Belgium La Marise. 

All up — an unusual, interesting and all-round thrilling escapade in Paris, and a well-kept secret you’ll want to try out at least once if you’re bouncing around town.  

 Perfect for: TGI Fridays with a twist. 

What to order: If you’re the curious type and dare to try something different, go the Healthy Mary Detox —we guarantee you haven’t had one quite like that before!

Address: 30 Rue René Boulanger, 75010 Paris (Google Maps)

Trading hours : Tuesday, Wednesday: 6pm-1am // Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 6pm-2am //

Sunday, Monday: CLOSED.


Insta: @lavomatic_paris