Bastille Day in Paris

(France's National Day)


This Sunday marks the most important day in the history of France — Bastille Day — a celebration of Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood — and power to the people. This July 14, 2019, you have the choice between admiring the fireworks in Paris, choosing the music concert on the Champs de Mars, or going to dance all night long at the Bal des Pompier (Fireman’s Ball) on July 13 and 14. Here, we shortlist our top options in Paris for a weekend of fun and festivities!

If there is a fireworks not to be missed, it’s the July 14 ones at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. In addition to the unique pyrotechnic show, shot from this iconic monument, if you can brave the crowds and get there early to snag a spot in prime position on the Champ de Mars, then an exceptional evening awaits you filled with music, lights and lots of life. 

This year, the City Hall will also once again host the Concert de Paris, bringing together the Orchestra National de France and the Choir of Radio France for a masterly concert of classics and new age adaptations in the open air. 

This concert will take place at the Champ de Mars and will start at 21h and provides beautiful entertainment for Parisians and tourists until 23h, when the fireworks display begins!

On 13th and 14th of July 2019 the city also presents its citizens and visitors with a unique opportunity to meet and greet its dedicated firemen in their respective fire stations across various arrondissements — as they let loose for the party of the year and invite you to dance the night away in multiple events which go on at the same time. Pick one in the area that suits you best and have fun all night long! All stations will be open for the festivities on July 13th from 9pm to 4am.


Below is a list of the main locations for the Bal de Pompiers in Paris: 

Paris Center : Louvre, Opera, Châtelet, Bourse
Caserne ROUSSEAU (8° Cie) / 21, rue du Jour - 1st arrondissement

Paris Marais : Saint Paul, Beaubourg, Bretagne
Caserne SEVIGNE (11° Cie) / 07-09, rue de Sévigné - 4th arrondissement

Paris Rive Gauche : Saint Michel, Odeon, Invalides
Caserne des Arènes de Lutèce ( 29°Cie) / 47-59, rue Monge - 5th arrondissement
Caserne COLOMBIER (4° Cie) / 11, rue du Vieux Colombier - 6th arrondissement

Paris West : Cambronne, Champs-Elysee 
Caserne GRENELLE (6° Cie) / 06, place Violet - 15th arrondissement
Caserne BOURSAULT (20° Cie et 9° Cie) / 27, rue Boursault / 17th arrondissement

Paris North : Saint Georges, Gare de l’Est, Barbes
Caserne BLANCHE (7° Cie) / 28, rue Blanche - 9th arrondissement
Caserne MONTMARTRE (20° Cie et 9° Cie) / 12, rue Carpeaux - 18th arrondissement

Paris South : BNF, Denfert, Bastille
Caserne CHALIGNY (1° Cie) / 26, rue de Chaligny - 12th arrondissement
Caserne PORT-ROYAL (3° Cie) / 53-55, boulevard Port-Royal - 13th arrondissement
Caserne MASSENA (19° et 2° Cie) / 37, boulevard Masséna - 13th arrondissement 

Paris East : Villette, Pyrenees
Caserne BITCHE (10° Cie) / 2, place de Bitche - 19th arrondissement
Caserne MENILMONTANT (12° Cie) / 47, rue Saint-Fargeau - 20th arrondissement