Pink Mamma


The sixth culinary wonder, from Paris entrepreneurs and Big Mamma fathers Victor Lugger and Tigrane Seydoux, is Pink Mamma – and she doesn’t disappoint. This latest restaurant from the Big Mamma Group franchise follows the successes of foodie hits such as Ober Mamma, East Mamma, and Mamma Primi – and it’s just as delectably good.

Boasting an Italian trattoria spread across four floors, and specialising in Tuscan cuisine with giant grills made on a barbecue three-metres long – this is the place where meat-lovers can get their hands on a T-Bone steak weighing 1 kg or 1.1 kg of Tomahawk steak – in addition to other tasty fare.

Meat-lovers: This is the place you can get your hands on a T-Bone steak weighing 1 kg or 1.1 kg of Tomahawk steak.

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive at its location on the small rue de Douai in the 9eme, is a beautiful building of pink bricks, dressed in ivy. This place has charm in spades.


Each floor has its own atmosphere and identity, keeping the decor diverse as you explore, but always sharp and colorful; with mixtures of green pink and blue, rattan armchairs, wild ivy, ubiquitous flowers, jars containing a thousand treasures, flowery tapestries, a retro bar in yellow Siena marble, and old plates on the walls. Everything has been created to entice and whet your appetite.

Top tips to check out are the speakeasy-esque basement, where you can sip on tasty Italian cocktails; or check out the very top floor, for an immersive glasshouse experience bathed in a green light, sprawling ivy, and a crisp Mediterranean vibe.

All up? Great place with very fair prices and tasty food – just remember to come in advance. It’s popular, and even four floors are not always enough to satisfy & host all the lovers of this place.

Perfect for: A big, loud, Italian-style dinner with your friends.

What to order: Fiorentina cut steak, for meat lovers, the famous truffle pasta for pasta lovers – and, of course, the Big Burrata al Pomodoro for starters.  

Address: 20bis, Rue de Douai, 75009 Paris (Google Maps)

Trading hours: Mon - Wed & Sun 12-14h15 // 18h45-22h45
Thur - Sat 12-14h15 // 18h45-23h

Insta: @pinkmamma_paris