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Michael Kors, Fashion Inferno

For nearly four decades now, Michael Kors has been one of the most persistent and winning personalities in fashion—a designer with rare talent who has blended luxury and popularity to create a global empire. But the question is, with the internet upending the industry, how will he push forward? Kors answers as only he can: By going big and doing it all.

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We Will Not Stay Quiet On The Climate Crisis

The climate emergency is the defining issue of our times. This is the Guardian’s pledge: we will be truthful, resolute and undeterred in pursuing Guardian journalism on the environment. We will give global heating, wildlife extinction and pollution the urgent attention they demand. Our independence means we can interrogate inaction by those in power. It means Guardian reporting will always be driven by scientific facts, never by commercial or political interests. Support from our readers makes this work possible.

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Who Would Tavi Gevinson Be Without Instagram? An Investigation.

Definitely not in the luxury rental building I was paid to live in and post about for a year back in 2017. Nor in the apartment I moved to when the year was up, as the pay stubs provided to my new landlord were mostly from appearing in ad campaigns that had required posting on Instagram. Without Instagram, it’s possible I wouldn’t have gotten the acting job that moved me to New York, nor the relationships, experiences, and identity that followed. I definitely would have less income and less of an audience to share this essay with.

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