Zombie Run Paris

It’s happening. 


How to be saved:

It's too late. The virus has mutated. It spreads uncontrollably. Zombies are tough, incredibly smart. They will invade all of France. Humanity will not recover. Stop.

This may just be the coolest event taking place in Paris this October. Your mission is simple, and the details are as below (in English, you’re welcome): 

The Zombie Run is a survival race. Stress, anguish, adrenaline, you will have to deal with intense emotions and not lose your cool.

The zombies will try to tear you away from your 2 lives.
One mission, keep at least one and reach the Safety Zone.
At the pace of your choice, the 8km course will plunge you into a devastated world.

During the race, players will be divided into 4 Universes, several obstacles and zones infected by zombies of several types will make you live an adventure beyond standards for survival!

The different types of Zombies (Infected Zones) and the 4 Universes that you will cross will be explained on the website on the day of the race.


How to participate in the race as Zombie:

Are you 18 years old or older and would you like to race Zombie and not as a runner?
Play a scary role on the course and try to snatch the lives of the participants?
Hide yourself behind a bush and run away the jitters to everyone?
Zombie Run creators  give you the possibility by clicking on the "registration" menu.
Shortly before the race, you will be contacted for practical information to prepare for Day X.

Once there, a team will take care of your makeup, the explanation of the day and your role as a zombie.
Depending on the theme you have chosen, you will need to provide the appropriate clothing for your role.

NB: It’ll be really important to buy your ticket in advance, as organisers inform that it will be not possible to buy a ticket on the day and on location. 

Famous last words: If you lose both lives, you can finish the course and try to inject an antidote on arrival.

So, prepare your costumes and Halloween mood — and try to survive! We’ll see you there. 

Address :PARIS – 19th of October 2019  on l’île de Loisirs de Jablines-Annet à Jablines (Google Maps)

Pricing: 49,00 € per person 

Website: http://zombierunfrance.fr/