Le Cabaret Burlesque - La Nouvelle Seine à Paris

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The name of this place itself kind of gives it away: ‘Nouvelle Seine’ (a play on scène) — which literally translates to ‘New Scene’ in French — and if you’re on the hunt for something fresh, fun and super Parisian to spice things up this weekend, then this place is just the ticket: a colourful, quirky cabaret show set within a unique floating theatre in the very heart of Paris, which is unashamedly cheeky and shows just enough skin to be sexy without being over-the-top. 

If you’ve ever walked the Seine at dusk alongside Notré Dame, you may have caught a glimpse of an elegant, glass-walled peniche docked on the bank — a handsome but solitary figure with soft candlelight streaming out its windows, cutting a curious, lone silhouette in the shadow of the iconic church (now abandoned for re-construction), with one or two deck chairs guarding its unassuming entrance. 

Look closer and you’ll start to see the contents of the long room which unfolds inside — a mezzanine split in two levels, several close-knit dinner tables set with white tablecloths; a tiny bar with a few wooden stools, and hundreds of little fairy lights strung up around all over the place, illuminating a mash-up of French theatre posters, photos and knick-knacks adorning its walls.

At first sight, the scene looks so calm and picture perfect that you’d be forgiven for thinking that this fancy barge which charms at a glance is just a secret, tranquil venue for a romantic meal or sunset glass of wine with friends — and it is that.. but looks can also be deceiving.

The_Ink_Collective_Inside_Ink_Pret_A_Partir_What_To_Do_Paris_At_Night_Le Cabaret Burlesque - La Nouvelle Seine à Paris_5.jpg
The_Ink_Collective_Inside_Ink_Pret_A_Partir_What_To_Do_Paris_At_Night_Le Cabaret Burlesque - La Nouvelle Seine à Paris_1.jpg

Take the plunge to the lower deck and you’ll be taken into a new world — where a cosy little theatre with just 100 weathered seats awaits, facing a small stage covered by red-velvet curtains.. Once they’re drawn, a magnificent one-hour show unfolds — a flurry of bright lights and music, where stories are told in choreographed dances by sassy performers wearing sequinned costumes who know exactly how to entertain you — even if you don’t speak any French. 

More than just a striptease, this unique and exotic spectacle filled with feathers, glitter and lots of laughs ticks all the boxes for a glamorous night out on the town if you’re after something different — but we won’t reveal any more, since they don’t allow guests to take photos during this particular show, and we’re not the kind to watch & tell. 

That’s probably all for the best though — because, trust us, this is one event you’ll want to experience for yourself, before making any judgements. 

The_Ink_Collective_Inside_Ink_Pret_A_Partir_What_To_Do_Paris_At_Night_Le Cabaret Burlesque - La Nouvelle Seine à Paris_3.jpg

That said, if you’re after something more tame or cabaret definitely isn’t your thing, then the stage at Nouvelle Seine also regularly welcomes new and upcoming artists, from stand-up comedy to one-man-shows — so just check the program and see what strikes your fancy (link below) — the unique setting of the venue itself is well-worth the trip. 

The on-site restaurant also offers a rotating menu of local homemade favourites which change with the seasons, and the bar has a small but reasonably-priced selection of wines and spirits to choose from — so you can opt to have sit-down dinner or drink before any of the shows, with a beautiful vista looking out onto the river to match — and you can even take your drinks into the theatre, which is a huge plus and adds to the ambience!

Perfect for:  A glamorous, cheeky night out on the town which will make you fall in love with Paris all over again.   

What to order: Get there early and go for dinner (the menu change but you’ll always find some good, French classics on offer); or go for a glass of red — before, during or after the show. 

Address: Péniche sur Berges, in front of 3 quai de Montebello, 75005 Paris (Google Maps)

Trading hours: 

Restaurant / Bar

LUNCH // Wednesday-Sunday: 12PM-2.15PM 

DINNER //  Tuesday-Sunday: 7PM-11PM

BRUNCH //  Sundays only: 12PM-2.15PM 

Le Cabaret Burlesque — Every night: 23:00 - 23:55 

***Check the program below for other shows **

Website & Program: www.lanouvelleseine.com

Insta: @lanouvelleseine