Walking through the Boulevard du Temple it’s almost impossible to miss this eye-catching pink bar with a warm atmosphere and cute name to match. Summer is in the air and Bisou bar is nothing if not lovable. 

While the rosy décor, friendly staff, romantic, hanging pot plants, and overall prettiness of the bar draws you in from the street — probably the interesting detail about this place, is discovered once you walk in, sit down and try to order a drink — they don't have a menu. 

That’s because the main idea of this bar is to give to a client a chance to be creative and be free in their choices. Rather than rattle off whatever is written down on the page, this spot invites its patrons to be sociable — and adventurous. 

Just ask the barmen what they can whip up, or discuss your tastes and preferences with them and they’ll create your bespoke cocktail based on your mood and preferences made from seasonal ingredients.


Quality of ingredients is paramount here — and they’re all seasonably dependent and grown in France. All juices, syrup and other liquids are also made behind the counter, in the bar, so you won’t have to worry about a preservatives hangover after post-cocktails.

As a huge plus — it’s also nice to know that Bisou is also a sustainable,eco-responsible place, in that they try to use every bit of every fruit or vegetable in order to have less waste —  which means you can feel good about yourself (and the planet) even after a few drinks — and, of course, you’ll never find a plastic straw in your glass.

Perfect for: Friday night drinks in a friendly, eco-friendly atmosphere.

What to order: Whatever you have in mind ;)

Address:15 Boulevard du Temple, 75003 Paris (Google Maps)

Trading hours: Open every day from 4pm to 2am


Insta: @bar_bisou