Continent from the 70's


Words / Daniela Aroche
Photos / Rhodri Jones


Once a third world continent relegated to the shadows by super powers such as the USA and Europe, the continents of South and Central America are now coming into their own, and - over the past year - have garnered much media spotlight as a result of news events such as the death of Fidel Castro - who for many in the Latin world was one of the last living symbols of a bygone era which has all but disappeared as the Latin world evolves and turns a new page.

Still feisty as it ever was, but perhaps more fiercely independent in an economic way than in the past, South and Central America are preparing to embark on a new journey into modernity. 

As they approach the tipping point, we look back at these places where time once stood still, through a set of carefully curated photographs by Rhodri Jones. 

All photos taken on a variety of 35mm film, using a Fujica ST605.

Rhodri Jones