Report | 2017 Luxury Trends

Luxury by its very nature is a sector which is consistently shaped by the winds of change.

Time, economic factors, evolving consumer tastes and attitudes — not to mention the gaping digital divide ­— all combine to create an ever-fluctuating environment where the coordinates to success are constantly changing.

To stay afloat and ahead of the competition, brands must observe and interpret the continually shifting currents and keep their eyes firmly on the horizon to ensure they are the first to correctly adjust their direction if and when the dawn of a new era ensues.

In an effort to assist luxury stakeholders in navigating those choppy waters, here we reflect on the changing tides, and pinpoint the nascent ‘sub-trends’ which are poised to make the most impact going forward; essentially drafting a map of the luxury sphere and offering our interpretation on how it will evolve in the year ahead.

Weaving relevant headlines, news features and recent reports into our review, we also incorporate wider industry insights and shine the spotlight on some of the pioneers forging their way into the future, to provide a comprehensive overview and help luxury brands chart a prosperous course into 2017. 

Highlights from the report include: 

  • Loyalty In The Wake Of The Digital Divide 

  • Power To The People & The Age Of The Influencers— the shift in power and how that will affect luxury going forward 

  • The Grassroots Revolt — the gold rush towards re-shoring, hyper-local sourcing and championing the local element 

  • Luxury On Demand & ‘See-Now-Buy-Now’ 

  • The Rising Appeal Of Tactile Luxury 

  • Social Media & The Luxury Choice 

Rhodri Jones