Report | 2017 Luxury Trends

Luxury as a market covers a very broad spectrum, which includes the food, fashion, travel and services sectors, so the answer to this question is a multi-faceted one – as some trends only apply to one of the above mentioned sectors and others to all, so for that reason I’ve split my response onto overall trends and sub-trends which, for the most part, are sector-specific or are the product of a general/overall trend which has caused a type of ‘ripple effect’ and nurtured relevant sub-trends.

I also wasn’t clear about whether you meant luxury trends from a consumer perspective or a brand perspective so I’ve included a bit of both. Of course, the two are inextricably linked – but there is a difference between trends occurring internally in terms of luxury brand actions towards retail, sale and marketing approaches and those trends which are external, which relate to how luxury consumers behave, select and spend. 

The full report highlights:

  • The Digital Divide & The Power Influencers Now Wield Over Consumption
  • Power to the People
  • Experiences Rule Supreme 

Rhodri Jones